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Automatically measure, reduce, and remove your company's emissions and leverage our API to build climate-positive products.


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Canopi's Climate Platform

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Track your carbon footprint automatically.

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From fintech to transporation, align your product with your users' values.

Our Mission

We partner with leading companies to guide them along their sustainability journey. From initial benchmarks to net zero, Canopi provides the tools & expertise you need.

Attract new users, increase customer loyalty, and drive cost-savings.


invested in carbon removal


tons of CO2e removed by Canopi customers


frontier carbon removal partners in our portfolio

Our Climate Portfolio

We democratize investing in frontier negative emissions technology.

Charm Industrial

Charm converts agricultural residues, which would otherwise release carbon into the atmosphere, into a bio-oil that can be permanently stored in underground reservoirs for hundreds of thousands of years.


Husk diverts rice husk form being burned which generates emissions and instead transforms it into high quality carbon based fertilizers for smallholders.


Pachama uses machine learning with satellite imaging to measure carbon captured in forests. This tech is used for verification and monitoring, providing a new standard of assurance.

Build a sustainable future. Start today.

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