Carbon 360

Start your climate journey

Build a leading climate program on Canopi's Carbon 360º software platform

Carbon 360º Platform

Measure your carbon footprint

Calculate your emissions seamlessly and in real-time.
Securely connect Carbon 360º to your existing tools and we take it from there. Track each kg of CO2 across Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions in granular detail.

Set your climate strategy

Commit to a bold climate target, and create a granular plan to realize it. Canopi recommends steps to reduce carbon, tailored to your needs. Design a carbon removal portfolio aligned with your values and your bottom line.

Take meaningful actions

Use our dashboard to identify and execute concrete levers that reduce your footprint. Canopi recommends actions tailored to your situation. Collaborate with your team and track your progress in detail.

Communicate your success

You put in the work, now it is time to maximize your ROI. Surface key metrics for your users. Delight investors with detailed reports based on the strictest reporting standards.

Our Commitments


We have a bias for action. We help you act fast with clear priorities. We value speed, but take time to reflect when required.


We value evidence. We believe keeping the Earth below 1.5ºC requires us to follow peer-reviewed science. We do our homework so you can focus on what matters most.


We are in it for the long-haul. Working on climate is exciting, but the road is long and winding. When the going gets tough, we'll be there alongside you.

Work with Our Experts

While Canopi's data platform puts your climate program on autopilot, we know questions abound. That is why we bring elite consulting experience to bear. Whether your question is about strategy or conducting a product life cycle assessment, reach out to us.