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Why It Matters

The polarized climate debate in crypto is obscuring the massive opportunity for clean crypto to unlock new horizons. Check out our nuanced post on crypto emissions and how companies can step up here.

If you are a company that wants to seize the clean crypto opportunity through meaningful action reach out to us at

Join the Clean Crypto Initiative by filling out this form. The CCI is pushing the envelope on everything from how crypto emissions are calculated to supporting miners' use of clean energy to transitioning toward low-energy blockchains.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Flexa has become the first payments network to make its activities completely carbon-neutral, and has invested in additional carbon removal strategies to reduce its impact going forward.”

Trevor Filter, Co-founder of Flexa

How Climate API Works

Our Climate API calculates the carbon footprint of each address and enables you to offsets it through our carbon removal portfolio.

We currently support BTC and ETH, and are actively working to add more coins in the coming weeks.

Our Methodology

Our methodology builds cutting-edge scientific research. In short, we take into account the energy usage of the entire network, account for country-level energy mix variations, and distribute the total CO2 emitted to each coin in the network.

Check out our methodology on GitHub.

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